My 4 Days Workout Plan to Build Ripped Muscles Fast

Here is a simple 4 days muscle building routine I usually advice most of my students to follow for fastest growth of muscles. This combination of exercises can give you the best balanced muscle growth. This four days work out plan when combined with Xtreme NO supplement can give you the best results.

I shall briefly just mention the basic workouts to be done in four days, catering to muscle in different parts of the body.  I am not going into the extensive details of each exercise. If you are not sure of these exercises it is important that you take the help from your trainer to identify each of the exercises mentioned below.


Day 1: Workout Plan for Building Up Back and Shoulder Muscles 


The workouts are meant for back and shoulder muscles could be divided in to 3 parts.  


Part1: Do any of the Olympic Lift exercises of 4 to 6 sets with 6 to 12 reps of the same. The best Olympic lift exercises for muscle building are Power Clean, Clean & Press, Power Snatch and Clean High Pulls. You can select any of this exercise.


Part2: Do any of the best back exercise of 2 to 6 sets with 6 to 8 reps. Some of the best exercises for back muscles are Pull up, Chin ups, Flat Pull Down, Body Weight back Rows, or Barbell. You can choose any of these exercise do be done on Day1.


Part3: Do one good traps exercises of 2 to 6 sets with 8 to 12 reps. Best Traps exercises are Over head Shrugs, Trap Bar/Barbell Shrugs and High Pulls. Choose the one suit best for you.  Instead of Traps Exercise you can also choose the Farmers Walk Exercise for 400 to 1000 yards.


Day 2: Workouts for Building Up Chest and Arms


For building up bigger chest you just need to do 2 kinds of exercises mainly. (1)Bench press exercises such as barbell or dumbbell bench presses along with push-ups (the bodyweight bench press). It has been found from my experience that dumbbell bench press is the best exercise for developing muscles on the chest faster. This exercise gives greater range of movement enabling you to use the chest muscles to the maximum.  (2) Weighted Dips or Bench Dips is another most effective exercise that can build up muscles on the chest very quickly. The biggest advantage in this exercise is that you are going to use your body weights while doing the dip exercises. Later stages of the exercise you can either keep some weight on your back like using a dipping belt, or using a book bag with weights in it while doing this exercise.


The next step on Day 2 is to do some exercises for building up bigger and muscular arms. The best ways to build up strong and larger arms is to do develop triceps muscles on the arm. I would highly recommend you to use Dips and Close Bench Presses as your favorite triceps exercises.  It is the Triceps muscle on the arm that gives that bulkiness to the arm. You can also do some biceps exercises like Chin Ups and Close Chin Ups.  All exercises must be done about 4 to six sets with 6 to 10 reps.


DAY3: Workouts for Building Up Leg Muscles


Legs exercises could be categorized into two parts; and these two parts could be done on alternate ‘3rd Day. The first part of the leg exercise is 10 to 15 minutes jogging and a minimum four times 50 to 100 yards hill sprint. After each sprint make sure walk back down the hill and resume the next without taking rest. If you do not have the convenience for Hill Sprints then you can do Hip Thrust, Weighted Butt Bridge, Single Leg Dead lift or Butt & Hamstring exercises.


The Second Part of workouts for building up muscles on legs is doing exercises like Front Squats, Dumbbell Squats, Elevated lunges, Bulgarian Squats, Barbell Squats & Leg Press. You can choose any one or two of this exercise to be done on every alternate ‘3rd Day’.


DAY 4: Workouts for Building Up Abs Muscles


On day 4 you can choose any one or two of the abs exercises like Cable Reverse Sit up, Lower Abs Hit Thrust, Abdominal planks, Abdominal Crunches, Abs Wheel, Sit Ups, and Weighted Abs Exercise. It is important to perform 4 to 6 sets with 8 to 12 reps. It must be repeated once in every four days or even earlier.


Once this cycle of 4 days is completed on 5th day you will again begin with the 1st days exercise. Finally to get the best and fastest result from your muscle building regimen it is highly recommended that you start using the Xtreme NO Muscle building supplement.  Finally what is most important in achieving the desired growth of the muscles is consistency and perseverance. You should be determined and very meticulous in following up the workout plans without failure. 




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